1-1 Yoga Coaching

 One-one guidance is a valuable way to learn for a number of reasons, but essentially this allows you to completely tailor the coaching to your needs. I work with a number of athletes, business men and women, as well as those on shift work. 1-1 coaching means we can identify your needs and create a personalised plan to achieve them. 

Your aim might be as general as learning how to stay more calm. Or as specific as improving your external hip mobility. Even learning how to tilt your pelvis...all real life examples!

Whatever it is you want to learn consistency is key. I recommend we start with one session a week for a minimum of six weeks for you to give you goal(s) a chance to happen.

You can expect me to be professional yet approachable and friendly, allowing you to feel at ease . I bring a certain playfulness to yoga encouraging everyone to let go of perfection, pressure to look a certain way, expectations to perform. Instead you find the space to explore, be curious, and feel. This leaves you with a sense of empowerment and confidence to embrace who you are.

Depending on the location, requirements and times prefered for sessions the cost will vary. Prices start at £75ph with the option to bring a friend/partner to share the cost. Get in touch to discuss your needs.


Leeds, United Kingdom

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