The More Busy You Become,

The More You Need To Slow Down.

- Calm Collective

Home is where the heart is- this is something that Calm Collective encourages, and lives by. With no one space, Calm Collective comes to you and hosts regular classes and events all over Leeds. 

Calm Collective hosts classes and workshops in unique spaces. Think of independent book shops, art galleries and  hotels! This creates an inviting atmosphere, free from cliques, or pressure to be or look a certain way. Basically...Everyone is welcome, and feels welcomed. 

 Weekly yoga in the heart of Leeds city centre offers time for busy professionals to slow down, and reconnect with practices of self care & presence. 

You will find an inviting space to explore what yoga means to you. Whether you are completely new or already deep into your practice, you will find an offering that suits your needs.



Leeds, United Kingdom

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