Group Yoga online

Yoga is a POWERFUL resource. Through live streamed classes I will support you in staying calm whilst maintaining a healthy mindset and body. These practices will send  your internal network healing, positive signals which encourage the body and mind to work optimally. Shared online classes will also facilitate community whilst we may not have the chance to be together in person. Developing a healthy routine is great during unsettling times. Whilst knowing you are sharing this time with others can help to keep you disciplined on those days you feel a little low on energy.

1-1 yoga live stream

Extreme uncertainty and upheaval causes our nervous system to over produce stress hormones. Yoga is an incredible practice to realign body and mind. Soothing rather than stressing the internal system. Breathing practices and mindful movement optimise your physical and mental health. Perhaps we once practiced together at a studio, you came to a workshop, or I hosted an event for you but you are no longer in town.  

Using Zoom/Skype we can continue to develop your yoga/meditation practice digitally. You can opt to share your camera view with me to gain the most benefit, or simply view my screen and follow along in private.

Please enquire for pricing options.

workplace yoga online

Employee wellbeing is of paramount importance. Whilst your staff may be working from home it is crucial to support them in taking care of their physical and emotional health during this time of uncertainty. You may already offer workplace yoga, in which case these services will automatically role over to the digital space. If you are not a current client but seek to provide additional support please get in touch to discuss your needs. These will be delivered via Zoom with up 100 employees being able to access the same live class. 

All classes are taught with intelligent layering so no prior yoga experience is needed. 


Leeds, United Kingdom

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