You can feel it right? The whispers calling you to dive within and witness all that you are. To no longer play small. To no longer question yourself. No longer doubt your importance, or value. It is time to embody your innate power.

Your magic is a medicine we need in this moment.

We truly do change the world by healing ourselves. You have a deeply unique journey of healing that will birth clarity, wisdom, magical gifts and a higher frequency. The world needs what you have to offer.

Trust yourself as you evolve.

It is time to shake up and disrupt the patterns of playing small.

Within this 5 week activation of your magic you will enter a welcoming, supportive, playful space to explore the energy within. Yogic and intuitive movement, breath work, meditation, affirmations and journalling will be explored so you can connect deeply with the energetic currents flowing within. Through feeling you will heal and transmute spaces hardened by the past into beautiful wisdom and medicine to carry forward.

Everything you see and enjoy in this world that is human-made started as a thought in someones mind! So know that you are magical. You are a manifestor. What you frequent the most energetically will be more easily drawn to you. So what is the story running in the background? What is the current energy of your affirmation…of that dialogue going on in your mind? It is usually one which holds you back and keeps you small.

Understand the frequency you frequent the most. Habits form our reality so as we seek to call in more abundance, love, alignment, we must move through blocks and begin to raise our own frequency. Consistency is key here. What may seem abstract at first glance is actually very scientific! It all starts with the mind- specifically our subconscious mind which runs about 90% of our thoughts, actions, and behaviours. We must start by reprogramming the go-to frequency. As we vibrate at a higher frequency not only do we feel better but this feeling of wholeness, gratitude, strength and capability begins to attract what we seek.

We have all moved through collective and individual wounds this year. Doubt, fear, rejection, feeling out of control. Within this chaos is the gift of elevating and evolving…perhaps you have felt the small tug to try something new and step out of your familiar comfort zone?

As ‘comfortable’ as they can be these zones keep us where we are. There can be a stagnation. You are here, reading this, and incarnated at this specific time for a reason! It is time to trust your magic and connect more consistently and deeply with your essence- pure creative energy. Come back into love with yourself first and foremost, and from this place your magic will overflow and shine the light for those around you!


Kate’s guidance is nurturing & empowering all at once. Creative sequencing will guide you into trust & activate your magic…the magic of your body’s wisdom whilst loving layered to help you explore moving toward & when it feels right, outside of your comfort zone.

Kate’s signature sequence will be the starting point of the physical practice. You will become more familiar with the movements meaning each week you drop more easily into presence & intimacy with your body wisdom.

These movements will revive your unique magic, & ignite your capacity to step into this power.

Once the mind has settled the external guidance will be carefully peeled away to open space for you to let your body lead the way.

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