3 tips for self care

The relationship you hold with yourself is the most important and longest lasting of them all! So it is time to get to know yourself deeply. From this place of understanding you can take care of yourself. Here are three simple yet powerful tips for self care, and a link to a short & sweet energy check in yoga flow. Self care is always simple in principle but harder in practice...do this consistently and you are winning.

1. CONNECT to your energy

Now this may sound obvious, but without an understanding of your energy how can you care for it? When we feel out of control, and or, overwhelmed, what usually happens is our mind becomes overactive. This causes us to connect our sense of self to our thoughts, and we believe the stories being explored by our stressed out mind. When the mind starts dominating and there is a disconnection to your body...it is time to reconnect and rebalance your awareness between body and mind!

2. EXPRESS your energy

Presence is our power. We disempower ourselves if we spend time resisting reality in one way or another. Perhaps you tend to force/suppress/ignore your energy. You must start learning to greet yourself where you are, allowing it all to be valid. Some days slowing down is the perfect gift, and other days going for that run will do you wonders...but you won't know if you don't check in first!

You now have the power to make a choice, and take action from that place...do you need rest, a laugh, dance to your favourite song, or have a change of scene and go for a walk?

Be with the feeling of your chosen activity. Perhaps it is really taking in the vibrant colours of nature, the joy of moving your body and feeling energy shift, or the warmth of your bath! Allow your energy to express itself, and notice a rebalancing of energy between body and mind. Reminding you, you are so much more than your thoughts!

3. Be forgiving and patient with yourself! You can know something intellectually, but to really emobody this understanding that as humans we are perfectly imperfect, we have mood swings, peaks and troughs of energy, and can't always show up 110% with 110% of our energy all the time! Especially as women, we are cyclical and should actually embrace the eb and flow of our cyclical nature. Take care of yourself as you would your best friend!

Let me know if you found these tips helpful in the comments below! If you want a short and sweet energy flow click below and enjoy!

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