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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

What are your first thoughts in the morning, and have you ever really paid that much attention to the tone of your inner voice? Often we are so identified with our mind, it is hard to actually observe it. Perhaps the inner criticism is so normal for you it is hiding in plain sight, running in the background without any conscious thought.

Here I share with you the power words hold, why I now love using affirmations, and encourage you to do the same, plus a simple yet powerful affirmation for you to hold space for more love so you can shine even brighter 💕

Brightening or dimming your light?

Maybe you're thinking why does it even matter? Reflect on some of the thoughts you've had toward yourself so far today. Now imagine the thoughts you have toward yourself were being spoken to someone you love and care for. How might those words impact the way they feel 1- towards themselves 2- towards you? Now imagine you spoke to them this way for years, maybe decades. How would that be affecting their health, confidence, and ways of showing up in the world? 🌝 You start to see my point right...

After investing my time and money into a course recently the way I related to affirmations/mantra completely shifted! Up until this point I pretty much stayed clear from affirmations as I didn't vibe with the super positive/verging on cheesy energy. Suddenly it clicked: we are always affirming things to be true in our minds. The only difference is the tone is usually one which holds us back, keeps us playing small, and reaffirms the worries to be true. Also why are we typically more comfortable speaking down to ourselves rather than being able to celebrate or wish well for ourselves? 🤯

Time to shine!

Why not start to harness the power of our mind and speak to ourselves in a way which is more expansive, positive, and aligned with where we want to be? Behave in a way which aligns with your vision! So that's what I did, and I have to say it is one of the things which very quickly can bring amazing shifts.

Affirmation to incorporate in the morning:

Today I am conscious of my words, because I know that as I speak, my world is being created.

Repeat this out loud three times each morning for at least a week and you will start to experience shifts in how your inner chatter forms! Magic is here in the everyday.

The tone/energy we frequent the most will be our home base, our natural operating mode. So consistently frequent loving kindness toward yourself. Especially this year!! We have all proven how resilient and capable we are. Start to reflect that in how you formulate thoughts about yourself, and how you speak out to others. What we hold space for within us flows out. So as you hold more love, respect, and patience for you...this will naturally evolve your relationships with others.

This is also a short but really informative video about the role our subconscious mind plays (90% of how we operate!). If you want true change you must learn about the mind and start to reprogram the subconscious to support you in your vision for the future. This is a life hack if I have ever seen one before! Get into the subconscious and let the magic unfold!

Share some love and gratitude in the comments below. What are three things you are deeply grateful for in this moment?

With love,

Kate x

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