Don't perform it, become it!

How about we start being afraid of everything staying the same?

How about we start worrying about not changing?

Following on from last weeks reflection here is a poem I wrote two years ago that feels oh so relevant today:

Breathe kindly into your being for breath is life.

Why should a body so busy, so ambitious, so restless and ready to take over the world with their power stop to breathe and be?

Because you carry on your shoulders and in your spirit a story, and that story might be holding you back from your greatest potential.

Well of course I snap, life is stressful!

But shit happened and made me this way!

Did you know my heart’s been broken?

With love and kindness what did you expect with feet planted on this earth?

Change is the only constant and it requires a catalyst.

Would we know peace without war?

Appreciate beauty without seeing destruction?

Understand love without feeling pain?

Be grounded.

Let your breath root you during the wild winds of change so you can witness your transformation.

Ask yourself: how do I cope in the face of change?

Our only inevitable.


Present yourself.

Untangle from the webs of the past and let your breath speak with you.

Please breathe so kindly into your being that you dissolve all that way and arrive here,


Meeting this moment with grace,

Greeting this moment with the vulnerability of a being open to what is before them, not what once was, or might be.

Be here now with the beauty of all that you are,

For this is yoga, and yoga is life.

Open up to your life,

It is happening as you breathe…

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