Knowledge isn't power, embodiment is!✨

If you can dream it, you can do it right? Wrong! Well, you can but it requires action.

So many of us know the right/just/kind way of being but how many action it? I completed a course recently where we were left with this reflection. We say that knowledge is power, but it really isn't unless we embody that knowledge in our body, and actions!

Every topic explored can really come down to this simple and punchy realisation. This year has been one of a great purging. Highlighting what needs harmonising within us, and outside of us. Where there is discord between desires and behaviours. If you want a new chapter, new approach to an aspect of your life, perhaps even your life as a whole you must interact with yourself differently! Invest time, energy, money into creating a new cycle for yourself because until your intentions match your daily actions you will not receive what you are seeking. This can sound very airy-fairy but it is actually very practical! If you really really want to go to feel a breeze of fresh air against your skin, but you never open up a single window in the house or unlock the door and step ain't happening!

So as 2020 draws to a close what have you known for days/months/years without integrating this knowledge into your life? What is holding you back...spoiler alert it's you! Most people want change but aren't willing to make changes. Are you ready to be part of the collective willing to embody and step into your power or will you continue to dream, leaving your potential in the ethereal realms?

What do you want reflected back to you? It must come from within...There is a free affirmation PDF which you can download to support yourself in matching your inner world with the energy you wish to see around you. For those ready to step into action and take responsibility I am calling in a group of 10 women to support on a four week journey to start in January 2021. Email me for more details.

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