The power is within! pt.1

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

How do you feel about change? For many it is a scary idea!

So why does change elicit such fear in us when we know the only constant in life is change? That in fact the very nature of any living entity is to evolve through phases, and change on a continual basis as a result of ever expanding information, experience and input. I reflected on this over the weekend and believe it starts with how we form our sense of self!

If our perception of self is based on what we consume, venues, and places we go to, then unfortunately how we identify ourselves is external. So when there is radical change outside of ourselves (which is inevitable as we are on a living planet a living beings), this wrecks havoc with our sense of self right? Because we can no longer access the very things that we understood ourselves through!

Whilst this drives change, the change is one we are powerless over. Change that has been dictated from a source outside of ourselves, instead of through deep communion with our own inner wisdom, and guidance. So now what? Now we need to accept the invitation to develop strong, fortified will! Know thyself! I explored this about a year ago in classes; understanding yourself deeply so that you have unwavering trust in yourself, your wisdom, your innate power.

We are so programmed to look outside ourselves for the fix (to a problem the system has created anyway), so used to waiting to be told by someone else how to find the answers, that we forget to devote time & energy toward our inner compass. Here is a simpler starting point for developing a stronger sense of self, & devotion to yourself:

1. Find somewhere quiet to sit, it doesn't matter if you are on a chair or the ground. Sit tall, close your eyes and begin taking slow breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth until you feel ready to breathe completely through the nose.

2. Softly rest your right hand to your abdomen, left hand over your heart.

3. Awareness does not judge, it simply notices what is. Experiment with observing the many expressions of life that you can feel within you, and be aware of around you. See if you can notice without preference.

4. When you realise your awareness contracted...zoomed in on a particular aspect of what is present. Simply zoom back out and expand to everything again.

5. If this is very new, it may be useful to set a timer 3-5 minutes so you do not feel overwhelmed. Practice regularly, and consistently. Set yourself up for success by maybe starting twice a week and building time and regularity from there.

Here is a 15 minute meditation to cultivate self trust đź’•

Leave me a comment if you practice along! It's lovely to know how you get on, and continue connecting despite not being together in person.

Lots of love,


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