Whisper of the heart đź’•

My invitation is for you to take action upon one thing that you feel as a whisper from within, or that you have been wanting to do but not making time for. Make the time now! Why? Because you never know what incredible ripple effect this may have on your life journey!

Ever since I can remember I've used journals, played music, created music, and written poetry to help express myself. I find it deeply therapeutic to express myself without any pressure to share those feelings with others, or even have others understand them. As a young girl I recall being told off, or having an argument and running to the piano and playing until I felt calm again. As I got older this morphed into the adolescent version of running to my room, slamming the door, and blasting out music (a carefully selected song with appropriate lyrics of hating life and your family...oops!) as I scribbled in a diary.  As an adult I continue to seek refuge in writing, and have recently looked back at some entries from 2014. As I wrote that entry I was a few months into a postgraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, I had been practicing yoga for nearly a year and had no idea how far this choice to move my body would carry me!

Reading these (if you can grapple with my handwriting) there are clearly seeds being planted in both my heart and my head about what was important to me. Though they felt like passing thoughts, not a coherent plan to make happen! I really had no idea that all these dots would one day join to create a fulfilling life. I didn't even remember writing that I wanted a business at all! Yet should I be surprised when last week I wrote about your word being your wand...probably not!

It is fascinating, and important to reflect back sometimes and soak in the beautiful weaving of your journey and where these little whispers of your heart can carry you! We are so good at moving on to the next thing we often forget to offer thanks for how far we have already come. How much we have evolved, awakened, and opened ourselves up to life. Have the courage to listen to those whispers. Whilst it may feel vulnerable to step into the unknown this is the space in which transformation occurs, and life is all about evolving, adapting and reimagining what is possible!

...give it a try whispered the heart.

Let me know when you have taken action below!

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