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What is a 1-1?

June 13, 2017

Traditionally, yoga was taught from guru to student. The one-one setting offers a completely different atmosphere to group classes, as each sessions is tailored to support your needs, and often move at a much mellower pace. Whether you are a completely beginner looking to understand the foundational poses of yoga before stepping into a class, have an injury which restricts mobility, or seek a nurturing and attentive presence whilst you practice, this type of guidance can be hugely beneficial and rewarding.


I have detailed some of the main aspects of one-one guidance, now of course, all these components are present in group settings, however they are amplified when you and your teacher are working together. 


Yours Only

In group classes teachers will set their own theme or focus, and whilst this element of the unknown can instil excitement for what is to come, ahead of a 1-1 there will be an important dialogue between the teacher and student.


Before the first one-one I always take the time to discuss with my client what drew them to one-one guidance. Within these initial conversations we also cover any experience with the practice (good or bad), injuries and what preconceptions may be held. As a relationship develops we may also go a little deeper into beliefs, important relationships, and fears to provide a holistic understanding of where the body and mind are as we begin.


Throughout the sessions there is an open dialogue between me and my clients to ensure they get the most out of their hour, and occasionally we will go off script completely! Say we have had a session booked in a couple of weeks in advance and I have created a lovely sequence based on the leg strengthening you wanted to focus on, but this day comes around and it has been a hectic week where work is overwhelming you...well we have the luxury of discussing this on arrival and may decide an hour of restorative yoga is actually what you need. Every step of the way your wellbeing is front and centre.


Nurturing Assistance

Receiving physical assistance is a regular part of all classes, however not everyone can experience this in every group practice. As long as you are comfortable with hands-on assistance, this will be a key way we fine tune your alignment and understanding of asana. 


Nurturing touch is a way to communicate with the body. By offering adjustments and/or assistance to my clients the somatic experience and potential are realised, facilitating greater body awareness and encouraging expansion.


Guided Relaxation

Each session will end with time dedicated to reseting both the body and mind. I will offer simple breathing exercises and guided meditations to ease you into total relaxation.


Perhaps one of the most luxurious elements of one-one sessions are the full body assists during relaxation. Anyone who has experienced the full body savasana assist can vouch that this is one of the most nurturing and reassuring assists you can receive.



If you are interested in booking a private session information can be found on my website under bookings. Alternatively please email me with any questions:

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