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Love is the way forward- 2014

August 23, 2017

Ever since I can remember I've used journals, played music, created music, and written poetry to help express myself. I find it deeply therapeutic to express myself without any pressure to share those feelings with others, or even have others understand them. As a young girl I recall being told off, or having an argument and running to the piano and playing until I felt calm again. As I got older this morphed into the adolescent version of running to my room, slamming the door, and blasting out music (a carefully selected song with appropriate lyrics of hating life and your family...sorry Dad!) as I scribbled in a diary. 


As an adult I continued to seek refuge in journalling, and have recently looked back at the first few entries of my current one. This is back in 2014, when I had started yoga:

It is fascinating to re-member what yoga was like when every practice felt overwhelmingly transformative and revelationary, and every move so full of exploration, like I was inhabiting my body for the first time. These first couple of entries also capture the confidence I developed in myself for the first time, and an understanding that life was more than my qualifications and titles. As I wrote this entry I was a few months into a postgraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, and looking back there are seeds being planted in both my heart and my head about what was important to me, but I really had no idea that all these dots would one day join to create a fulfilling life. At this time yoga was simply practice, but I had no idea this practice would lead me anywhere near where it has. 


Have the courage to express yourself, listen in, and give time and energy to that which ignites your heart and intrigues your mind. Who knows where it may lead you :)



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