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This was the best yoga class I have ever been to! I was in Leeds for a night and just found Kate via google. What a class! The most beautiful thing about it was it was all focused on inner work. She guided us not to look at other people to copy poses. She removed the pressure to have the 'right' or 'perfect' pose and she truly cultivated an inner focus. I have always struggled with mindfulness but this was absolutely fantastic. Kate calls her style 'intuitive'. That's what it felt like -listening to my body, looking inward... something I struggle to do but she guided us to do excellently. 


Kate is an excellent yoga teacher for many different reasons. Her knowledge and experience is vast and she clearly loves the practice. I find this inspiring and motivating and have already made progress after just a few months with her. Her classes are superbly structured, with emphasis on both breathing and restorative movements. I love Vinyasa flow yoga and Kate teaches this well and explains the benefits. Overall I would say there is something for everyone and every level in her classes.

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We connected with Kate from Calm Collective for an adhoc Yoga session in Leeds during one of our team meetings.

The service was excellent and very much customized to our needs.

It was a lovely balance to our work heavy week that helped us to keep our focus sharp while still making time to not loose ourselves and having some fun.

Thank you for a lovely yoga session Kate!



If you are thinking about yoga but worried you can't do it as you are new to the practice, then Calm Collective is for you. I was that person a few months back but Kate has been a wonderful teacher and I love her sessions, I feel so empowered and moved after each class. So no matter how flexible you think you need to be or knowledgeable of the practice, just remember, we all need to start somewhere. Here, is the space to do it. Cannot recommend Kate enough.


Kate's a brilliant teacher! She had me doing a headstand recently, and I couldn't believe it, but that's proof of her ability to combine proper teaching with relaxation - pushing us out of our comfort zones but still having us come away feeling calm and refreshed. There's definitely a social element to her classes too - people chat to each other before class because she makes everyone feel at ease. I'm a total convert and highly recommend her!