Clients do not come first.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

- Richard Branson

 With more hours spent at work than ever before, as an employer there is greater responsibility to consider employee wellbeing. Stress and anxiety are commonplace, with this type of absence on the rise. Implementing a wellbeing strategy that considers and facilitates both emotional and physical health is necessary for the business, and its employees.​


Yoga is an inclusive practice which everyone can benefit from. Workplace yoga can be offered at a time of day that suits your work schedule, offered to employees free of charge, subsidised, or simply brought into the building but paid for by staff. 

  1. Used as a wellbeing strategy to reduce absence, and time off due to stress

  2. Actively supporting both physical and mental health

  3. Can aid employee retention by adding value to your company

  4. Develops a sense of community in your business

  1. Creates a sense of being supported by the company

  2. Accessible way to take care of health and wellbeing

  3. Improves self awareness and ability to manage emotions

  4. Encourages self- reflection and self-development


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